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2015 Photo Gallery Index Page

Date Event   # Photos

March Youth Group Sleigh Ride 2015 Youth Group Sleigh Ride   07

April 23th

60th Celebration of John Matheson 60th Birthday Open House for Archdeacon Matheson   16
June 6th Community Breakfast 6 June 2015 Community Breakfast   03
June 9th Community Breakfast 6 June 2015 ACW Dinner   08
June 27th Youth Group Photo - June 27th 2015 Youth Group 01
August Margret Knorr and J.Matheson photo Margret Knorr and John Matheson 01
August Craig Carson Karate photos Craig Carson receiving his purple karate belt 02
September Pot Luck Music Night Photos Pot Luck & Music Night 06
October 2015_blankets_hand_made Blankets of Many Colours 01
October 2015 Halloween Party Halloween Party 01
November Confirmatio 2015 Group Photo Confirmation Group Photo 01


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